Browser Check

Your computer needs to be properly configured to run your MyMathLab for School course. Depending on your course, you may need to run the Browser Check to install the components you need to view exercises and multimedia content in your course.

It is recommended that you view the system requirements and access the Browser Check directly from your MyMathLab course. However, for convenience, you can use the Browser Check below.

Run the Browser Check  

Setting up Computer Labs

Lab administrators or IT staff can use this page to install components for all MyMathLab courses taught in the lab. Note that it’s advisable to check and reinstall components before the beginning of each semester.

Tip: If you are setting up a lab for students using several MyMathLab courses, choose the "Administrators" option at the bottom of the list to conveniently access and install components.

For additional information, visit Setting Up Pearson Online Math Applications in Your Lab