Batch Registration for MyMathLab for School

Follow the steps below to register and enroll batches of students into your MyMathLab courses.

A minimum of 100 students is required for batch registration.

NOTE: This service is available once per year for customers who have purchased access codes (not available for Free Trial). Only customers with batches of 5,000 or more students may request additional uploads. 

  1. Purchase access codes for your students. We strongly recommend purchasing digital delivery codes via Oasis. Learn about your purchasing options.
  2. Create your courses and record the Course IDs.
  3. If this situation applies in your case, please review:
  4. Download and complete the Student Information Spreadsheet per instructions.
  5. Go to the batch registration request page to upload the completed spreadsheet and provide access code information.
  6. Await confirmation that your request has been processed.

Please be sure to review the spreadsheet that is returned to you at the end of the process. Sometimes usernames and passwords are modified to make them compliant with our systems.